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Frequently Asked Questions

We are more than happy to answer your questions. It may be price or features. No Terms or Cancellation fee!

What is a Reservationless Toll-Free or Flat Rate Conference Call? A conference call is three or more people (usually rooms full of people) being able to talk simultaneouly. Generally, one member talks at a time while the other attendants listen. Reservationless means you don't need to call ahead to setup the conference call - your line is available 24/7. Once we setup your account, there is no need to setup individual calls. When the service is required, you can use it anytime.

How long does it take to set up an account? Use the contact form. We will have a qualified account representative contact you at your convenience within 24-48 hours.

How do I make a Conference Call? Let your conference call participants know when your call will be (and make sure to tell them EST/PST, taking diffent time zones into effect). Send the call participants the toll-free number we assign you, and the passcode to enter once prompted. When ready, you login to the call the same way, and can begin the call at your convenience.

How do I schedule a one-time use conference with unique codes? With toll free conferencing, you can have as many pin code sets programmed for different port limits as you require. You are billed solely for minutes, not how many pin code sets we have given you. On a flat rate plan, you must purchase different pin code sets. The cost or price is determined by the port limit.

How do I increase the volume on a call? Press *4, and the call will get louder. There are three levels of volume increase. If you press *4 when the highest level is set, the volume level will return to the lowest (or quietest) level).

Do I have to sign a service contract? No, you do not. We offer month to month services. We do not require you to sign any contracts. There are no setup or cancellation fees.

When will I be billed? With Toll Free conference calling, you will be billed at the end of every month. Flat Rate is charged on the 15th of every month to your credit card (in advance). If wishing to cancel flat rate services, please do so by the 14th of the previous month that you wish to cancel.

How many people may participate on one call? 3, 30, 300, dosen't matter.

What if someone calls from a payphone? If using a payphone within North America an additional payphone surcharge will be applied.

Can participants use their cell phones to join the conference call? Yes, both toll free calls and flat rate service calls can be joined by using a cell phone.

What if someone calls from Hawaii, Alaska or Canada? With the toll-free plan, calls from Hawaii, Alaska and Canada are included. With flat rate, each conference call participant must pay their own going rate for long distance, for whichever provider they are with.

How do I record/playback a conference call? When you sign up with us, we will send you the information you need for this as well as much more.

Is there a cancellation fee? There is no fee to cancel your service, whether it be toll-free, flat rate or other. However, keep in mind we do not credit back unused portions of service or etc. With flat rate, you need to cancel by the 14th of the previous month you wish to terminate service, or you will be billed for the following month.

How do international callers get connected? International callers will dial into the conference call the same way domestic participants do with the flat rate conferencing service. International callers pay long distance fees to their phone providers - ask your phone provider for information on how much you pay. If using the toll free conferencing service, international participants are given a special number to dial, but are still billed long distance fees by their phone provider. As the host, you are billed the same toll free rate no matter who is connecting - 2.9 cents per minute.

How many conference calls can I make in a month? There is not limit to the number of conference calls you can make. If you have a toll free conferencing account, you can even have multiple conference rooms going at the same time. And for flat rate customers, you may purchase more then one pin set to do this as well.

What is a web conference? A web conference means that during a conference call, each member can share resources with each other. You can all look at the same website together, read a Microsoft Office Document (.doc and others) together, powerpoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet, etc. At least three people must be in the conference to use this feature. This works no matter where the web conference participants are in the world.

What can affect the performance of the service? Here are the factors that determine how well your conferencing solution will work:

  • How fast your Internet speed is - Cable/DSL or higher is preferable.
  • Who you use for Internet
  • How much traffic you do on your network

Can I show slide transitions in presentations? Yes. Sharing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation allows participants to see slide transitions as it happens in real time.

What types of files or applications can I share? You can share virtually any document or application. However, applications with streaming content may not work well at this time. We're working on bringing this feature forward.

Special Note to Cell Phone Users If using your cell phone, you are still responsible for paying long distance fees, air time, and other charges that your cell phone provider may charge you.

247 ConferenceCall is not responsible for the particular charges that your cell phone provider may charge you. Please make sure you know what your cell phone service provider charges before utilizing the service. We cannot refund any fees your cell phone company charges.
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