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2.9 Per minute, Free flat rate Conference Calls a Simple, Clear & Reliable Toll-Free Number, Unlimited  Minutes

Included Conference Calling features

This isn't a special offer. It's our common features with everyday low price!

Conference Call Features Included
Name Record/Play Yes!
Roll Call Yes!
Music Security Feature Yes!
Lecture Mode/Muting capabilities Yes!
Recording and Playback Yes!
Toll Dial-In Number Yes!
Toll Free Dial-In Number Yes!
International Toll Dial-In Number Yes!
Online Access to Your Account is available Yes!
Moderator Controls can be Accessed from the Web Yes!
Security (locks conference so no additional participants can join) Yes!
Allow Continuation of Conference After Moderator Exits Yes!
Change Conference Entry and Exit Options (name announce, tone, or silence) Yes!
Listen only mode -all lines are muted except the moderator's, participants cannot un-mute their line Yes!
Quick start mode - allows conference to begin before moderator arrives Yes!
* - Optional features can be enabled upon request at no additional charge, except where stipulated Yes!
Additional Features Add ons
.mp3 download of recording (additional charges may apply) Available
CD Copy of Recording (additional charges apply) Available
Dial out Capability (additional charges apply) Available
Full Time Operator Attended Conference (additional charged apply) Available
Operator Attended Polling (additional charges apply) Available
Operator Attended Q&A sessions (additional charges apply) Available
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