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2.9 Per minute, Free flat rate Conference Calls a Simple, Clear & Reliable Toll-Free Number, Unlimited  Minutes

Flat Rate Conference Calling Service

"The quality of 247 ConferenceCall Business Conference Call Service is excellent. No interference and clear reception." - Diane, Video Spokesperson Inc

How some clients access the flat rate 'unlimited' conference call plan without paying any long distance charges:
  • By using an unlimitd long distance plan from their home phone or cell phone provider.
  • By using a cellphone with nationwide calling (such as a world phone).
  • By using a device that gives free long distance, like a Magicjack.
  • By being reimbursed by your employer for long distance fees. (Be sure to check with them first!)

Pricing for 24/7 Dedicated System

Up to 25 ports $0
Each additional port added $1.50
Also available Toll Free Conferencing starting at 2.9 cents per minute.
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